7 rules you MUST know about time

time_clockI’m a time junkie.

If my watch poops out, I go nuts. Every seven minutes, I’ll ask anxiously, “What time is it?” You’d think I had a plane to catch in the supermarket. 

I’m also our household’s Keeper of the Calendar. When friends ask “Are you guys busy, like, a week from Friday?” my wife Debbie turns to me for the answer. A lot of our schedule is stuck in my head, but ALL of it is written in my planner. 

To tell you the truth, though, I dislike the phrase “time management.” I think it’s dishonest. Why? Because after decades of clock-watching, I realize you can’t manage time. You can waste it. You can fritter it away. You can squander it. But you can’t manage it. 

Time ticks along with or without you. And it doesn’t give a hoot how you spend it. That’s up to you. 

However, I’ve learned a few rules about time. And in understanding them, I’ve grown to work more wisely with time, even if there’s no way to truly manage it. 

Time-tested Rules About Time 

(1) You can never master time. You can only master yourself and how you use time. 

(2) Time is a never-ending string of “now” moments. 

(3) Every “now” moment contains the sum total of your past. 

(4) Every “now” moment shapes the sum total of your future. 

(5) How you spend every “now” moment pushes you in the direction of your destiny. 

(6) If you spend all your “now” moments reacting to the world outside yourself, time will chew you up and make you its victim. 

(7) If your “now” moments flow from inside yourself — from a peaceful, quiet center — time will not only cooperate with you, it will be your servant.

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