Generate cash in just a few days

Here are four business ventures you can have up and running and putting money in your pocket in just a few days, if you set your mind to it. And none of them require much capital to start!

Broker services for others. 

How many plumbers, electricians, tax preparers, house painters, or other service-performers do you know who bemoan the cost and effort of bringing in new customers? I’ll bet you know lots. Why not cut a deal with each of them? For every customer you bring them, they agree to give you 15 percent of their earnings! There’s a win-win if I ever saw one!

Be a “job-finisher”  

I know a guy who advertises that he’ll “finish the job you started.” In other words, he takes on the half-completed projects that almost everybody has lying around — yard work, garage cleaning, fence mending, wallpapering, and so on. 

“Are you ever gonna finish that project?” my wife often asks. 

“Sure, dear.” 

Then I call the “job-finisher.” 

Provide services for the homebound 

Can you read a book aloud, go grocery shopping, provide transportation, offer good conversation, or do common household chores? Many seniors and disabled people would love your help, if only for a half-hour or so each day.

Hold garage sales — for OTHER people 

Does anybody really enjoy running their own garage sales? I know I don’t. I hate rummaging through my old stuff, first of all. And I hate categorizing items and pricing them. 

You know, if someone dropped a flyer on my doorstep, offering to organize and run a garage sale FOR me, I’d be willing to pay them, oh, 10 to 30 percent of what I make from the sale. I really would.

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