This GREAT Sci-Fi Business Novel…is yours absolutely FREE!

alongsidenight_30thcoverI’m gonna suggest something, well, maybe kinda crazy… 

I think one of the most inspiring things you can do right now to either hasten your escape from wage slavery or help you prosper in your “joblessness” is read a 30-year-old novel called Alongside Night

Yeah, you heard me right…A NOVEL! 

It’s by my friend J. Neil Schulman. Alongside Night is a near-future sci-fi story about economic hardship and redemption. I first read it in 1983, and I’ve probably re-read it a dozen times since, because… 

(1) it’s a damn good yarn, and one I never tire of, 

(2) it’s a tale of genuine optimism and hope for a world of both great freedom and great abundance, and 

(3) Alongside Night is filled with encouraging business ideas for good times or bad. 

For years, I’ve kept a stock of tattered paperback copies in a closet just to hand out to friends.

Now, Neil’s saving me the trouble of having to do that.



For the 30th anniversary of Alongside Night, he’s made the novel available as a free downloadable PDF. No strings attached. You don’t have to jump through any hoops or even offer up your email address.



Just click here to download a copy.



If you want, go to and buy the trade paperback for 20 bucks. (The Kindle edition will run you $6.99.)



Or go download Alongside Night for free right here.



Your choice.



I think you’ll love the novel. Enjoy!

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