Sage advice on creative loafing

“To loaf is a science, to loaf is to live.”

— Honore de Balzac (1799-1850)

 “It is better to have loafed and lost, than never to have loafed at all.”

— James Thurber (1894-1961)

 “Wisdom: The wisest man is…he who loafs most gracefully.”

— Lin Yutang (1895-1976)

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Sage advice on creative loafing — 1 Comment

  1. I was intrigued by the Balzac quote. AFAICT, the better translation is here:

    “To saunter is a science; it is the gastronomy of the eye. To take a walk is to vegetate; to saunter is to live.”

    He’s talking about wandering around Paris actually looking and thinking about what one sees, contrasting it to most people who walk just like they eat, like they live, without thinking.