5 secrets to handing out biz cards

So there you sit, with a box of brand new, spiffy business cards on your desk. Now what? Will they collect dust, or will you use them productively in your home based business?

Here are five secrets to distributing them effectively to your customers and prospects. 

1) Keep a large supply of cards.

No matter how many cards you order at a time, when the box is half-full, reorder. You never want to be caught short.

2) Carry 5 to 10 cards with you at all times.

Always, always, always.

I like to always have at least 5 to 10 in my wallet or card case. There are few things more embarrassing than being asked for your card and having to answer, “Oops, I seem to be out right now.”

And there’s nothing more potentially devastating financially than not always having business cards on hand. That individual who just walked off without your card might have represented a possible $10,000 in your pocket. Tell me now — can you live with that?

3) A card handed out face-to-face trumps a card left quietly at a vacant desk or with a secretary.

I’ve found that your card is most effective when you present it directly, in person. For one thing, it gives you an opportunity to ask for your prospect’s card in return, so you can follow up later. For another, they are much more likely to link your card to your face — and this is made even easier if your photo appears on your card.

Business cards left lying around loosely at bus stops, on counters, and stuck inside magazines and books — yes, I’ve seen it happen, and have even heard the tactic suggested by people who should know better — seldom end up anywhere other than in the trash.

4) After every conversation with anyone, hand them a card.

My rule of thumb: If I spend at least five minutes in engaging “small talk” with a stranger, whether at a chamber of commerce mixer or in a concession line at the movies, they deserve my business card. You never know what will happen.

5) Smile when you hand someone your business card.

Oh, come on! You knew I was going to say that!

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