Being an alpha dog, & other ideas

1) Word of warning: NEVER get overly comfortable!

2) The single purpose of any business is to find and keep customers. 

3) Business = Lifestyle Squared. In business, you handle more challenges, problems, ups and downs, good times and bad times, pains, aggravations, thrills, and disappointments in a solitary year than most of your family and friends experience in a lifetime. 

4) We’re all “self-made,” when you think about it. But don’t count on the unsuccessful businessperson to ever admit that. 

5) “I’d like to be wise. You have to go through a lot before you get there. But I’m willing to go through a lot.” – Nicole Kidman 

6) No business can be run by committee. “Too many cooks…” as they say. Every business, no matter its size, needs its “alpha dog.” 

7) Funny, isn’t it, how much time we’re able to fritter away while we get ready to start working. 

8) This I know to be true: Everything becomes much clearer as a deadline gets closer and closer. 

9) Playing it safe in your business is no assurance against disaster. 

10) Are you reaching your goals easily? Hate to break the news to you, pal, but you’ve probably aimed too low. 

11) Nothing big will ever happen in your business if you kick back and wait for “perfect conditions.” 

12) Just because you’re a great businessperson doesn’t mean you’re a great marketer. And just because you’re a great marketer doesn’t mean you’re a great businessperson. 

13) The spark of a magnificent idea is all you need to get started. Get the ball rolling. Plenty more good ideas will descend on you as you move forward on your project.

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