How to “Druckerize” your life!

“Do the right things instead of trying to do everything right,” counseled business management genius Peter Drucker.

Sure, that’s great motivational advice to get you off your fanny in your home-based business. But what are the “right things” exactly? And how will you know them when you see them? 

Fact is, to follow Drucker’s suggestion perfectly, you have to be persistently aware of your actions. That may seem a challenging task, but it’s pretty easily accomplished when you habitually ask yourself these six questions:

1) What’s the best use of my time right now? 

Your answer may be as simple as, “Well, I’ve got to get up, showered, and out the door to start my day.” But sometimes, the answer isn’t as important as the fact that you asked yourself the question. 

2) Will my plans for today ultimately move me toward my goals?

Don’t worry. Asking yourself this question every day won’t make you a workaholic. Days of R&R — downtime alone and with family and friends — are essential to moving you effectively toward your goals. But it’s important to keep a good balance between work and leisure. 

3) What book, audio program, or DVD will best advance my knowledge and/or motivation right now in my business?

Personal and business growth is impossible without continuous education. And don’t think this has to be dull. It doesn’t. 

4) What people can I spend time with today to better build my business? 

Create joint ventures with businesses compatible with your own. Join a business “mastermind.” Attend educational seminars and workshops. Learn from your competition. 

Network, network, network! 

5) What’s the best method for me to market my product or service today? 

Your answer may vary monthly, weekly, even daily. Strategies change. New sales tactics may occur to you if you open your mind to them. So keep asking yourself this question, and be ready for big and profitable results in your business. 

6) What project will make me the most money at the least risk?

Pick and choose your business projects with care, but not so carefully that you never make a decision. Trust your instincts and, perhaps with the counsel of your business mentor or “mastermind” group, move ahead!

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