Better Reception = More Sales

Have you ever spoken to a would-be customer or client and received a blank stare in return?

Ever offer a prospect your best sales pitch, then have them shake their head and mumble, “Huh?” 

Are there times when a potential buyer just can’t seem to “get it” when you talk to them? 

Most of the time, you say? 

Well, think about this: 

People are always preoccupied with their own thoughts. 

At any moment, there’s only so much room in any one person’s head for new ideas. Why would you expect them to have any room left in their mind for you

So what can you do? Simple. 

Make things easier for your listener. Help them clear some space in their head for your message! 

Now there’s only one way to do that. Allow your listener to move their old baggage — their preoccupations, their worries, their problems, all the clutter — out of their mind before you start introducing new ideas to them.

In other words, let your buyer talk first. In fact, encourage them to do so. Until they talk about at least part of the gunk that’s already clogging their cranium, it’ll all just stay stuck in there. Let them open a valve and release some of their stuff. That’ll make room for new stuff — your stuff. 

Follow this example: 

1) Ask a question. 

2) Listen thoughtfully to the answer. 

3) Ask another question. 

4) Listen attentively to the answer. 

5) Repeat. 

6) Begin delivering your message.

You’ll find that your listener will not only better comprehend what you have to say, they’ll remember it!

So once you’ve opened up space in your prospect’s head, what exactly are you gonna tell ’em? You’ll find answers when you visit…

I hope you don’t mind, but if you click on the link and buy the product described, I will receive a referral commission. And you’ll have my undying gratitude!

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