How to Keep Unscrupulous Jerks From Ripping Off Your Product

“What if somebody steals my idea or my product?”

I get that question a lot about internet and even mail order marketing. And I usually hear it from two types… 

1) Those who haven’t created a single product yet, let alone one worth stealing. 

2) Those who’d rather sit and fret about the possible theft of their “intellectual property” than get off their butts and launch a business. 

Sure, there are rip-off artists out there. And they can get hold of your manual or eBook, copy it virtually word for word, and stick their names on it. 

I won’t deny for a second the possibility of that happening – maybe even to you eventually. 

But here’s the deal… 

Nobody can steal what doesn’t exist yet. So before you worry about thieves, create something really fantastic that somebody would want to steal. 

Produce a product so great and of such high value that unscrupulous swindlers will drool over the prospect of running off with it. 

After that, you can start losing sleep about somebody stealing your stuff. 

But listen, there’s a simple way to prevent yourself from being a target for thieves, because… 

It’s almost impossible to steal from a moving target. 

Here’s what I mean: 

Never stop adding value to your product. 

In other words, make your products “fluid.” 

Every so often, switch out your bonuses. Replace an old bonus with a new one. Reintroduce an old bonus. 

Add a video. 

Add an audio or two. 

With each of those valuable additions, you’ll keep the product bandits off balance. They won’t be able to keep up with you. 

And who’ll want to buy the ripped-off Brand X version of your product when your original offers so much more? 

There’s another reason to keep adding value: 

Whenever you attach something new to your existing product, you have an opportunity to raise its price. An hour or two of audio turns your $39 eBook into a $97 package. Add a video and mark up your package to $197.

Don’t worry about people stealing your product. Worry instead about how to create the best value for your customers!

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How to Keep Unscrupulous Jerks From Ripping Off Your Product — 1 Comment

  1. never a truer statement!!

    Fear is fear!

    Creativitiy is near impossible to steal. You have it or you don’t!

    Wally you have it in spades !