5 Absolutely Essential Books That Survived My Last Great Book Purge

book-stacksA few of you have asked me for book recommendations… 

Well, I read a LOT. 

When we remodeled our house a coupla years ago, Deb insisted that I plow through my stacks and stacks of  books — most of them piled on the floor in corners and bedside — and “weed out” the stuff I didn’t need


It seemed like an impossible task, but I did it. 

And you know what? 

I ended up hauling a whole slew of shopping bags filled with sci-fi novels, crime books, and even old business books to a local used book store. 

It killed me. But I did net $147 in store credit. 

Anyway, there are some books I’ll never “weed out.” Ever. I read ’em again and again. 

A few are novels. Most, though, are business-oriented, self-help, or motivational.

And in those categories, there are five that I always have handy copies of. Sometimes multiple copies, so I can lend ’em out to friends. 

Time after time, these five books encourage and refresh me. And I usually pick up a few new ideas from them on repeated readings, too. 

I think they’re essential reading for anyone who’s struggling with the ol’ 9-to-5 and trying to plot their way off the job treadmill. 

I spent part of my afternoon today, as I often do, on my backyard patio. And I talked into my teeny-weeny Sony digital recorder about these five very special books. Just for you. (At least I did until the wind really whipped up and drove me back indoors.)

Here’s the recording. Click to immediately listen, or right-click and save the MP3 to your computer. 

5 Survivors from My Last Great Book Purge 

Hope you enjoy it… 

Good talkin’ to ya!

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