Are Your Customers “Earthquake People” or “Tornado People”?

I just read that in Carlsbad, New Mexico, a humungous underground cavern threatens to swallow part of Highway 285 and maybe a church, a handful of businesses, and even a trailer park.

I think that’s scary stuff.

Now I live in California. Tremors of various magnitudes “rock” this state hundreds of times a day.

Once in a while, one of ’em REALLY rocks, and you hear about it on the news.

But earthquakes don’t bother me much.

I was once told by a woman from Kansas, “I don’t know how you can live out there with those quakes!” She routinely faces tornado seasons, and that doesn’t seem to worry her.

Quakes. Killer caverns. Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Floods.

No matter what natural phenomenon routinely menaces the place we call Home, we’re always relieved we don’t live where any of those other terrors linger.

Fact is, one person’s nightmare is just another person’s ho-hum.

So what nightmares keep your target customers awake at night?

What are their problems, their challenges, their fears?

What gives them cold sweats?

And how can you best solve those problems and quell those fears?

Too often, we enter the marketplace with a new idea, a new product, or what we think is a bang-up service. But it leaves our potential customers cold.

The thing is, you might be addressing their tornado problems when what really scares the pants off them is earthquakes.

You’ve got to talk to tornado people differently than you do earthquake people.

But before you can do that, you have to know which group is which.

Ask your target market questions. Survey them. Find out what’s bugging them. Then offer them a solution to those problems.

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