I Uncover a Critical Marketing Principle by Watching TV Commercials for a Week

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately – much more than I should. And being able to skim through commercials with my DVR is a real treat.

But occasionally, I feel guilty about it.

After all, I am a marketer. And I even act as a marketing consultant at times. I really must keep up with what business sales tactics work or don’t work out there in television land.

So once in a while, I stop skimming through commercials.

Instead, I watch them.

Actually, I study them.

And I almost always learn something important.

Here’s what I learned from my observation of commercials this week:

Most commercials don’t advertise price.

I asked myself “Why?” and came up with two answers.

1) In this era of increasing cynicism, most of us don’t believe advertised prices.

We’ve been caught in the old bait-and-switch too many times. Or we’ve discovered that a product’s “new” price may be lower, but the size of the item is smaller. Or we find that the real cost — higher than we’d ever imagine spending — is hidden behind “47 easy monthly payments.”

More often than not, we don’t trust the prices we’re quoted, and advertisers have become aware of this.

2) Most of us don’t make our buying decisions based on price.

Think about it.

Before we even consider price, don’t we usually determine whether a product will solve a problem for us?

Sure, we do.

And before we consider price, don’t we normally decide whether a product is going to make us feel good?

Of course.

So here’s a marketing tip, learned from watching just a handful of TV commercials:

Stop talking price.

Don’t run an advertisement that says…

“Bedroom Slippers Now Ten Bucks a Pair!”

As an alternative, run an ad that says…

“These Velvety Bedroom Slippers Will Comfort Your Sore, Tired Feet So Thoroughly You’ll Swear You Could Easily Run a Marathon in Them!”

Fresh marketing ideas can be found almost anywhere. I found quite a few great ones when I visited…


I hope you don’t mind, but if you click on the link and buy the product described, I will receive a referral commission. And you’ll have my undying gratitude!

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