Why Wait Till AFTER the Holidays?

Just ten…uh…NINE days till Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho…

Sitting on my desk right now, within arms’ reach, are notes and outlines for three separate internet projects.

On my desk.

Notes. Outlines.

Projects not begun.

But heck, it’s the holidays, right?

I’ve also got a folder floating on my computer desktop titled “Articles.” It’s brimming with fragments and snippets of unfinished business articles I’ve been meaning to polish up and upload.

But heck, it’s the holidays, right?

Sure it is.

The holidays. Best excuse in the world for not getting things finished — or even started — until “after the first of the year.”

That seems to be a magic phrase — “after the first of the year.”

Fact is, I know that in between finding the perfect sweater for my brother-in-law and trimming the tree and pouring bourbon into the eggnog, there’re LOTS of bits of time to get a little work done.

And I know that just doing those little things right now will put a fire under my business and rocket it into 2010.

OK, maybe I’ll go ahead and get just a smidge of work done today.

How about you?

What little business tasks — tasks you’ve put on the back burner till after the first of the year — can you squeeze in today? Smack in the middle of the holiday craziness?

Give it a thought.

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