Conger “Brain Trust” Displays Its Awesome Brilliance on a Lazy, Slow Weekday Morning

I spent an hour at Starbucks this morning with my friends Dave and Tim.

We didn’t solve the world’s problems. But we DID solve the problems of
two local restaurants and a small medical practice.

Too bad none of those business owners were there to take advantage of
our dynamic, impromptu brain trust.

Yessir, we were freakin’ brilliant.

We redesigned (without pencil or paper) the lobby for the medical practice.
Then we rewrote entirely (without actually writing it down) its hiring policy.

One of the restaurants — kind of a German hofbrau — would be serving
breakfast burritos tomorrow morning if the owner’d been drinking the
Pike Place blend with us.

Anyway, this reminded me of how easy it sometimes is to criticize others
while it’s very hard to critically and honestly assess ourselves.

How come?

Probably because there’s no pain involved when we stand back
objectively and solve the problems of everybody else. But admitting to, let
alone solving, our own problems hurts like a sun-uva-gun.

So today, just a reminder again to set aside time for occasional
self-examination. Sure, it can hurt. But there’s usually a helluva payoff.

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