What We Can Learn From the Leno-O’Brien Mess

Are you following this crazy “soap opera” going on at NBC over their late-night programming?

Whether you prefer Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien doesn’t matter.

The culprits really responsible for this ugly talk show war can be found in the network’s executive offices.

The head honchos goofed. Big time.

They perceived a “crisis,” then responded to it with DESPERATION.

And on top of that, they could never admit they’d made a mistake. So they just kept frantically shifting and spinning and making matters worse and worse.

I don’t know how this business debacle at NBC will turn out. But here’s something I DO know…

Any problem, whether in your business or personal life, thrives on worry, fear, and anxiety.

Problems LOVE that crap. In fact, they blossom when watered with anxiety. The more fear you fertilize ’em with, the bigger and stronger they grow.

Why? I dunno for sure. But I DO know from personal experience.

So when problems and roadblocks arise for you – and they always will – don’t hysterically start hammering at them. Stop and take a deep breath. Then take a few more. Think for awhile. Jot down a few ideas. Evaluate those ideas. Then, and only then, take action.

Don’t approach your life or business like a TV exec.

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