Weathering the Storms at Rancho Rhino

It’s Day 2 of a predicted week’s worth of stormy weather on the California coast. Lotsa rain, high-velocity winds, and bigass surf.
The toll so far at the Conger compound:
One uprooted tree.
Three very wet, tightly strung dogs.
Frequent power outages, i.e., spotty internet connections.
But Deb and I persevere — like the thick-skinned rhinos we are.
I’ve had rhinos on the brain for the past few days.
You see, last week, I interviewed the nation’s premier rhinoceros — author and motivational speaker Scott Alexander.
You’ve probably heard of Scott. He wrote three popular success books a few years ago: Rhinoceros Success, Advanced Rhinocerology, and Rhinocerotic Relativity.
I knew Scott was a dynamo. But I was woefully unprepared for our meeting.
Anyway, Scott and I talked about rhino philosophy, rhino success, rhino business, rhino faith, rhino politics, and a whole load of other great stuff.
You know, stuff that makes you wanna get off your butt and charge headfirst into your day, your goals, and your dreams.
The result of our talk turned into a high-octane how-to package of audio, eBook, and worksheets called…
No-Nonsense Damn-the-Torpedoes
Jungle Rhinoceros Tactics
to Flatten Fear, Worry, & Doubt
It should be available next month. (Patience, patience…)
While you’re waiting, you might check out this little taste of Scott:
Oops. I hear the winds kicking up again. Better get this note loaded before the storm gawds cut off my electricity.
Keep charging!

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