Soaking Wet Pooches Utilize Marketing Strategies to Mixed Results

The weather on California’s central coast is NUTZ this week.

Yesterday afternoon, we experienced sunshine, rain, high winds, thunder, lightning, and even a rainbow — AT THE SAME TIME!


I know, I know. We west coast wussies are spoiled and don’t know what BAD weather really is.

But anyhow, these kooky conditions have kept me indoors with Deb and her visiting mother most of this week.

Oh, and we’re locked in here with three, count ’em, THREE large and sometimes soaking wet dogs.

Deb and her mom are getting a lot of reading and knitting done. I drink copious amounts of coffee, shake my fist at the storm gawds, and grapple with internet connections between power outages.

Meanwhile, the mutts spend their time competing for our attention.

And in doing so, each uses its own unique marketing strategy.

Max, my mother-in-law’s 95-pound flat-coat lab, applies the hard sell. He gets in your face and barks loudly and endlessly like a Monterey Bay sea lion.

Cheyenne, our 82-pound boxer-shepherd mix, employs the “poor me” approach. She stares you down and whines in an annoying high pitch to appeal to your guilt and pity.

Casey, who’s visiting while his owner vacations in a tropical paradise, is like the eager-to-please sales dude. The smallest of our pooches, he wiggles his fanny and tries to cajole you with his cuddly charm.

No single strategy gets much of a rise out of us human beings.

But taken together…

The three doggies usually get the attention they’re vying for.

So here’s today’s lesson:

Never rely on a lone marketing technique. Mix it up.

Heck, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of tried and true sales methods. And there are just as many copywriting strategies.

Why settle for one or two when you’re trying to reach different audiences with different messages? One size, as they say, doesn’t fit all.

Start building yourself an arsenal of selling tactics — the stuff that works most effectively and reliably for you.

It’ll make your work a lot more fun. It’ll expand your marketing reach beyond your expectations.

And your business, uh, won’t go to the dogs.

Are you already “mixing up” your business’s marketing strategies and tactics? If so, how so? And to what effect? Please share by commenting on this post!

P.S. By the way, you’ll find tons of marketing ideas when you visit…

Oh, if you click on the above link and purchase something, I get paid a commission, just like everybody else who has a fair and decent sales job. I hope that’s OK.

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Soaking Wet Pooches Utilize Marketing Strategies to Mixed Results — 2 Comments

  1. hey….. love the ideas!!!!
    taking a whole new look at the dogs approach now… :))
    glad your weather is settling down, finally. thanks you ya rhino , L.