Are YOU Guilty of These “Facebook Fumbles”?

I just heard this for the umpteenth time on one of my business forum hangouts:

“I don’t get it. Why waste your time with Facebook? How can it really help my business?”

You know, if I hadn’t reconnected with so many valuable “lost” friends and made so many priceless business contacts on Facebook over the past year, I’d probably ask the same questions myself.

Seems like every time I open Facebook, my “wall” is stuffed with “hugs” and
“chocolates” and farm animals and goofy quizes from “friends” I barely know.

Now, I kind of enjoy getting that stuff from people I have longtime relationships with. But if you’ve only been my Facebook friend for three days, maybe it’s a little too early to offer me a “virtual man hug.”

Anyhow, a friend passed this video my way today, and I’m passing it on to you. It’s funny, but it’s also a very good short course on how to use (and NOT use) Facebook, especially if you’re running a business (which a lot of Facebookers are).

Give it a look…

What do you think? Is Facebook a waste of your time, or are you taking real advantage of it?

Leave a comment below — or even a rant — and lemme know what you think.

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