The Motivational Power of ChapStick

You might remember that I mentioned Scott Alexander, the author of Rhinoceros Success, a few posts ago.

Well, I’ve gotta share this tidbit I just grabbed off Scott’s “Rhino Revolution” blog:

“… Now we are getting closer to the real secret of success — what will you put up with to get what you want?

“My addiction is ChapStick. I must have it with me at all times. If I find that I have forgotten to put my ChapStick in my pocket, I will go to great lengths to immediately get a fresh tube. My greatest fear is going to prison and being denied having ChapStick in my cell. What objectionable behavior would I engage in to get ChapStick? I don’t want to think about it!!

“Your goals have to carry at least as much weight as a coffee drinker for coffee. You have to be addicted to success. You don’t need to peruse a magazine for motivation. You know what you want. It is on your mind all the time. You crave it!! If you have to jump through hoops to get it, get the hoops out and you jump! You will get it … no matter what.”

Two quick thoughts…

1. Scott’s absolutely right. For your goals to mean anything at all, you hafta be passionate about them. REALLY passionate. Like ChapStick passionate.

2. ChapStick, Scott? Sheesh!

OK, now a self-serving plug…

I’ll be launching a new high-octane audio-eBook package featuring Scott and me in just a few days. It’s called No-Nonsense Damn-the-Torpedoes Jungle Rhinoceros Tactics to Flatten the Crap Outta Fear, Worry, & Doubt.

If you wanna finally jump off the hamster wheel — or even if you’re already off the wheel but wanna STAY off — you’ll like this.

Watch for an announcement shortly.

End of self-promotion.

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The Motivational Power of ChapStick — 1 Comment

  1. absoultly love it….
    to think a blog about chaptstick would create a title like that, way to go ya rhinos!! you both are tramplin down some grass with all that charging!