Should Wine Even HAVE a Nose?

I live in California wine country.

So, of course, I’m a wine fan.

Not an expert or connoisseur.

A fan.

This weekend, Deb and I are doing a two-day circuit of the nearby Paso Robles “far-out wineries” with three other couples visiting here from out of town.

To varying degrees, all of them are experts, compared to me.

They’ll comment on a wine’s “nose” or “finish.” They’ll ask the winemaker astute questions. They’ll walk out of a tasting room with a case or two of wine. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll leave with a single bottle tucked under my arm.

They’re pretty damn serious.

I’m not.

This weekend tour will be fun overall, but honestly, all that finish and nose stuff bores the hell out of me.

Here’s what’s funny, though…

More than once, someone’s told me, “Hey, you live among the wineries; you should write wine criticism, or a wine book, or a wine blog!”

And I always nod, smile, and think to myself, “What a freakin’ yawn that would be!”

So my message for today:

Cultivate many interests. Be well-rounded. But know the difference between being a fan and being an expert, between having an interest in something and really, really loving something.

If you’re thinking of starting a particular business because, well, it’s the “latest thing” or a “surefire goldmine,” don’t do it unless you genuinely love whatever it is.

Your customers always know if you’re faking it. And faking it’s too much work anyway.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, this weekend, I’ll drink a lot of wine and enjoy myself. But I won’t worry about noses or finishes. I’ll leave that to my friends, the experts.

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Should Wine Even HAVE a Nose? — 1 Comment

  1. Compared to me, Carrie, you ARE an expert. I still judge a wine by how clever its label seems to me!