Why I Don’t “Do” Videos

I’m asked time and again why I don’t use web videos.

The simple answer is that I generally don’t like ’em.

Oh, I’ll laugh at the e*Trade babies or watch Rick Springfield sing “Jessie’s Girl” over and over on YouTube till Deb tells me to knock it off. And, yeah, of course I love movies.

But your typical internet business video of a head yammering crapola for 20 minutes bores me to tears. So you folks who regularly send me “vital info” with links to such videos can just stop it right now. Trust me. I’m not watching them.

(In a spirit of full disclosure, I gotta confess that my pal Chris Farrell is the rare exception. He creates short instructional videos that brilliantly use screenshots, moving cursors, and clear, concise language. Cheers, Chris!)

Anyway, I’m a text and audio guy.

Text, digital or not, provides easy reference. You can skim it, highlight it, “search” it, and quickly pull data from it.

As for audio, I think it’s more convenient and flexible than video. You can download and listen to it while driving, hiking, cleaning the garage, or just sitting in the garden with a brewsky. You don’t have to sit still and stare at the darn thing.

So my emails, blog posts, and products by and large rely on the written word and audio.

I won’t rule out video entirely in the future. But when I do use it, you can bet it’ll be strictly because it’s the best way to convey the information I have for you.

Hope that answers the video question.

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Why I Don’t “Do” Videos — 3 Comments

  1. Just finished listening to Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz.com on one of her Speak Easy sessions…and just in passing, she mentioned how much she hates online videos. Maybe we can start a movement!

  2. Chris Farrell has really good presence and delivery, but the clincher is his british accent. Americans are suckers for that or an Aussie accent.

    What do you think abut videos that have something to teach that need visuals? I can’t afford a decent video camera right now so I’m thinking of stills in a kind of slideshow with an audio track. Hey it works for documentarian Ken Burns.

  3. Mitrik,

    If video is the very best way to present a piece of information — in other words, if visuals are essential for understanding your message (as is the case with most all of Chris Farrell’s how-to videos) — I’ve got no problem. My problem is with the vast amount of pointless, inconvenient “talking head” web videos that might as well be audio or even traditional blog posts.