Working 9-to-5 — Where’s the Security in THAT?

I’m asked a lot about insecurity…

The insecurity of not having a 9-to-5 job.

The insecurity of not having a company-paid health plan.

The insecurity of not having a 401K.

The insecurity of not having a weekly paycheck.

And I’d be lying if I told you I never feel shaky as a self-employed consultant, copywriter, and internet marketer.

Just like everybody else, I shudder when the Dow Jones takes a tumble.

I’m in the doldrums when I think too long about how my home is worth a third less than it was just three years ago.

I get depressed (and pissed) contemplating all the bucks I personally shell out for medical insurance.

But insecure?


Where’s the security in the old 9-to-5 treadmill?

When I worked inside the halls of Corporate America years ago, I spent most of my “water cooler time” worrying with co-workers about rumored company restructurings, or realignments, or reorganizations.

One of the duties of my department was distribution of executive memos. Few things frightened us more than another memo being sent downstairs for us to handle. What the hell NOW?

Our primary work motivation was to keep from getting caught in the inevitable layoffs.

So there’s no security in a job. And here’s why…

You’re not in control of your own life when you work a job. You’re only as secure as the company’s future and whether the powers-that-be know what the hell they’re doing.

Four years after I finally got “surplussed” — i.e., axed — in a massive cost-cutting move, the company CEO negotiated a merger that erased tens of thousands of jobs but secured him a $30 million retirement package.

So I ask you: who’s more secure? The person with the treadmill job or the self-employed one who relies on their own skills, perseverance, determination, and willingness to learn and grow?

I know, I know. Jumping out of the job market and into the jobless arena seems daunting. And admittedly, it’s no piece of cake.

But if you long for security, let me assure you that you’ll never find it out there. You’ll only find it within yourself.

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