What Would MacGyver Do?

Remember that TV series from years back called MacGyver?

Sure you do.

MacGyver was this spy guy who always escaped life-and-death situations by extraordinary means. He could blast his way out of an airtight cement bunker with just a paperclip, some pocket lint, and a Kit Kat bar.

I’ve even heard “MacGyver” used as a verb — like, “Hey, Mom! Dad’s been MacGyvering the toaster oven again!”

Anyway, the cool thing about this dude MacGyver was that whenever he was in a tight spot and you knew he had to be stressed out, he never seemed to panic.

I think he practiced what you might call “healthy desperation.”

Now normally desperation’s a bad thing.

It can make you act really stupid.

It can make you foolhardy.

It can make you impulsive.

It can make you dangerously hotheaded.

But MacGyver used desperation as leverage. He didn’t let desperation control him; he controlled his own desperation.

Whenever MacGyver was in an awful situation, that’s when he instinctively opened his mind and let his best ideas bubble to the surface.

Whenever all hope seemed lost, he earnestly considered options he might otherwise have ignored.

That’s healthy desperation.

There are times you’re gonna feel desperate. You can count on it.

But don’t let desperation overwhelm you. Keep it reined in enough to let it work for you.

Call it “MacGyver desperation.”

If you’ve had an opportunity to “do a MacGyver,” why not share it in the comments section below?

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