Yes! Even YOU Can Become a World Famous “Non-Celebrity Celebrity” for Fun and Profit

I read People magazine twice a year.

More specifically, whenever I visit my dentist. He’s always got the latest issue in his lobby.

So yesterday morning, I was real heavy into People when the dental hygienist said I was up next.

“I know I’m getting old,” I said, handing her the magazine. “I don’t recognize half the faces in this rag.”

“Age isn’t the problem,” she told me. “We’re living in an era of non-celebrity celebrities.”

I knew instantly what she meant.

Just a few years ago, celebrities featured in People were talented actors and pop singers, skilled sports stars, and sometimes big-name writers.

Today, they’re contestants on reality shows, cookie-cutter supermodels, freeloading boy-toys, gold diggers, and lamebrain heirs to old fortunes.

The late Andy Warhol once predicted, “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

Sheesh! If he only knew!

Media’s so starved for “news” these days that if a guy creates armpit farts to the tune of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” he’s got a good shot at Leno and a book deal.

But here’s what I’m thinking…

I’ll bet YOU could become a non-celebrity celebrity.

And I’ll bet you could do it and still be able to look in the mirror without embarrassment.

Here’s how:

Become the big fish in your small pond.

In other words, if you cater dinners for service organizations, be your town’s most dependable, creative, and honest caterer to service organizations.

Or if you’re a sales trainer to used car dealers, be the only sales trainer to used car dealers whose specialty is low-pressure tactics.

Distinguish yourself from the crowd. Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Why not sit down right now and start scratching out what makes your business unique? Better yet, what makes YOU unique?

You might find it’s not as hard as you thought to become a non-celebrity celebrity.

What do you think?

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