Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire, & Me

A confession this morning…

I’ve never understood America’s love for men in drag.

Back in the 1950s, cross-dressing comic Milton Berle was among the nation’s most popular TV stars.

The late Flip Wilson is best remembered for his comedic “Geraldine” character (“What you see is what you get! Woooo!”).

Dustin Hoffman’s career was revitalized in the early ’80s by the movie Tootsie.

Likewise, Robin Williams’ most popular film role may be Mrs. Doubtfire.

But I’ve personally never found that stuff funny or entertaining.

Last weekend, Deb and I saw a local musical production called Swingin’ with Sinatra. It was terrific. And during a cabaret segment, the crowd literally rose to its feet and cheered when a male player marched around in a blonde wig and high heels.

I was the only one there who sat quietly.

Sorry. I just don’t get it.

Am I out of touch with my “feminine side”?

Do I — gulp! — feel threatened?

Or do men in drag simply offend my fashion sense? (Har, har.)

Well, it doesn’t really matter. But there’s this to think about…

When you sell your services or products, not everybody’s gonna “get it.”

Some will connect with your message. Others won’t.

That’s just the way it is.

So don’t get rattled if a few people — including me — don’t respond to whatever it is you’re selling.

Maybe we’re not your market. Or maybe you just haven’t hit our hot buttons yet.

Either way, never get discouraged. Make like a full-grown rhinoceros ( and keep working at it.

P.S. I’m curious. Am I the only one here who doesn’t find men in fishnet stockings particularly funny?

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Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire, & Me — 1 Comment

  1. I never got the appeal either. Nor the allure of female impersonators. Given that the real Bette Midler is alive and very kicking…who wants to watch some guy try to channel her? One exception: I always loved the sailor chorus singing “There Is Nothing Like a Dame” in South Pacific, replete with coconuts for breasts. BTW, who’s the dude playing Paris Hilton down below this post? Creepy.