When You Love Your Work, But Hate Your Job

Home video just gets better ’n better.

Most Blu-ray discs now feature “Maximum Movie Mode.” This is a big step up from the standard DVD audio commentary. While the movie runs, the director walks into the frame to chat, cast and crew make comments picture-in-picture, and storyboard comparisons, still galleries, and timelines pop up frequently.

For movie buffs like me, this kinda stuff is fantastic.

Anyway, last night I watched Guy Ritchie’s revisionist Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray. I’d already seen it in theaters three times (yeah, I’m a big Sherlock fan), but here’s what I found out during Maximum Movie Mode…

Everybody associated with that movie — director Ritchie, actors Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, and every single production guy and gal — loves and is excited by the work that went into making it.

Their enthusiasm for every nook and cranny of what they do drenched every onscreen remark, observation, and explanation.

What if you were able to love your work that deeply?

That’d be pretty damn cool, huh?

Way back when I worked in Corporate America, I used to tell people, “I love my work. I just wish I loved my job.”

Then my pencil-pushing masters decided to give thousands of us the boot.

I lost my job, but I took the work I loved with me. I started to work freelance, and I haven’t looked back since.

Now, I love my work, but I also have the freedom to choose the people I work with, choose my own clients, and I don’t worry about bosses and company politics.

And if you really want to, you can do the very same thing.

As my friend Bob Howells, a longtime freelance travel writer, told me while we were building Fearless Freelancing 101, “Anybody can do it, Wally. ANYBODY can do it.”

So why not go for it?

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