An Unseemly Display of Man Love for Starbucks

I Starbucks.

A lot.

And some folks gimme crap about it.

After all, I always urge you to shrug off corporate life and start your own small venture.

So my awesome affection for a business giant like Starbucks appears, well, unseemly.

Why, I’m asked, do I pass up the local coffee joint to shell out maybe four dollars for a simple cuppa joe at Starbucks?

Here’re a few reasons:

1. Every Starbucks barista — in both locations I regularly patronize — calls me by name.

2. Every Starbucks barista knows my favorite drink.

3. The regional manager of Starbucks knows my name.

4. When a Starbucks barista sees my car pull into the parking lot, my drink is usually on the counter before I hit the front door.

5. Starbucks managers have gifted me free pounds of coffee “just because.”

6. Starbucks celebrates Free Pastry Day (which should be an effin national holiday).

7. When I drop my coffee, a barista will quickly make me another drink (and often give me a coupon for a second beverage, as if they did something wrong!).

8. Starbucks surprised me this year with a gold debit card with my name on it. (How cool is that?)

9. For my birthday, Starbucks sends me coupons for free stuff.

10. Some of the Starbucks girls are so adorable I’d take them home (if Deb would let me).

Give me another five minutes, and I can drum up 10 more reasons.

It all boils down to one magic thing — culture.

All of this stuff is part of Starbucks tradition.

And it’s what makes Starbucks better and often more comfortable and down-home than independent mom ’n pop coffeehouses that actually are down home.

Now, if a corporate monster the size of Starbucks can do the folksy thing and get intimate with its customers, how much easier should it be for those of us in our own solo businesses to do the same?

Can you build the kind of customer loyalty for your business that tens of millions of people have for Starbucks?

Sure, you can.

And you can find out how in Fearless Freelancing 101. Take a look.

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