How I Spent Five Whole Days with a Precocious Six-Year-Old and Nobody Got Killed

I spent the past five days with my six-year-old niece.
At my house.
We had a good time, too.
We drove up the coast to see the elephant seals near San Simeon. We strolled through notorious Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo. We visited the zoo in Santa Barbara.
And, of course, we experienced frequent clashes of wills.
Which is natural when you toss a six-year-old girl at an old fart.
“Please leave the dog alone.”
“I’m just petting her.”
“Yeah, but you’re chasing her to pet her. She’s trying to get away from you.”
“She’s playing with me.”
“No, she’s trying to escape your clutches. She’s tired. Leave her alone.”
“But I wanna pet her.”
“You can pet her when she comes up to you. That’ll mean she wants to be petted.”
“C’mere, Cheyenne. C’mere, girl.”
“Leave the dog alone — please.”
“But if I call her and she comes to me, can I pet her then?”
“Don’t call her. She’ll come to see you when she’s ready. Look, she’s hiding under the table.”
“She’s probably looking for crumbs from breakfast.”
“I don’t think so. See, now she’s run into the bedroom.”
“I’ll go get her.”
And so on.
The past few days kinda reminded me of that story about the little girl and the farmer from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. (And if you’ve never read Hill’s book, what’s stopping you, for cryin’ out loud?)
Anyway, annoying as these confrontations became, my niece displayed two characteristics important to anyone trying to escape the rat race for the more liberated lifestyle I talk about in Fearless Freelancing 101.
The first is persistence.
She kept hammering away. She refused to give up until she got the outcome she wanted.
The second trait is imaginative thinking.
If she couldn’t reach her goal directly, she looked for a roundabout way to get there. She left no path unexplored.
How are you doing in the persistence and imaginative thinking departments?
In your quest for financial independence, are you getting the things done that must be done, no matter what? Or are you quitting at the first or second or third frustration?
Wanna succeed in life?
Act more like a six-year-old.
Just try not to be too annoying about it.

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How I Spent Five Whole Days with a Precocious Six-Year-Old and Nobody Got Killed — 1 Comment

  1. As a post script, the 6-year-old left for home this morning. Cheyenne the dog is resting peacefully on the bed in the master bedroom.