My Advice to a “Loser” with No Skills

I exchanged emails this past week with someone named Jason, who’s “stuck.”

He’s 33 and doesn’t know what to do.

What Jason does know is that he hates all the crappy part-time jobs he takes to pay his rent.

He’s “had a little college” but “has no real skills and isn’t good at anything.” So starting his own business, he says, seems out of reach.

Here’s what I told him:

If you’re in your thirties and finding enough part-time work to survive, even if uncomfortably, then you’ve got skills.

You’re a fighter. You’ve got moxie. You’ve got perseverance.

You’ve got survival skills, fer crissakes, and that alone will take you a very long way.

Now, as for not being good at anything…

That’s baloney.

Everybody’s good at something. In fact, everybody’s good at something that can make them money.

As I wrote in Chapter 8 of Fire-Up Your Cash Flow Over a Donut and Coffee, “Open your mind, and you’ll be stunned at the amount of untapped skills and knowledge you do have.”

I offer a very quick list-building exercise in that chapter that’ll give birth to more money-making ideas than you’ll ever find time for.

So if you feel “stuck” and share the beliefs of my friend, take a few minutes right now to read (or re-read) Chapter 8 of Fire-Up. If you don’t have your copy yet, you can download a free copy from the sidebar at your right.

Then drop me a line and lemme know how things’re working out for you.

Keep moving!

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My Advice to a “Loser” with No Skills — 2 Comments

  1. love it ! i hope somthing sinks in for Jason, hes also creating skills from each job he has, that ive always found lead to better jobs.
    hows your weather bahving out there? we are in the 40^ here in michigan….. dont have to tell u keep charging >>>>> L.

  2. Leslie, I’ve been up the coast and back between here and San Francisco this past week — about 525 miles roundtrip — and the weather’s been gorgeous…temps around 65-75. Whew!

    As for Jason, if he’s held as many jobs as he claims in his emails, he’s LOADED with a vast range of skills.