How an Itty-Bitty Booklet Changed My Life

Long, long ago, in a city far, far away…

I was a reasonably contented corporate slave.

I survived 15 years of reorganizations, realignments, reinventions, and restructurings. (By the way, all those big R-words are just corporate lingo for layoffs.)

Then my “luck” ran out and my masters upstairs finally gave me the ol’ heave-ho.

But right away, something very neat happened.

A caring friend slipped me a tattered old booklet called Secrets of Successful Free-Lancing.

It was by Jay Conrad Levinson. You know, the Guerilla Marketing guy.

Levinson had self-published and sold the booklet by mail order back in the ’70s. It was the size of a greeting card, just a few pages long, and not much more than chapter headings and bullet points.

But that critter changed my life.

I’d found a “mentor.”

Levinson’s bitesize tips gave me both the how-to and confidence I needed to launch my own freelance business, and start off on the right foot.

That teeny pamphlet became my go-to whenever I hit a wall. And it “mentored” me for many, many years.

I wish I could share it with you. But sadly, it’s long out of print.

So I’ve done what Levinson did some 35 years ago. I’ve written down — in simple bullet points — all of the “secrets of successful freelancing” that worked for me over the past decade or so.

These are the nuts ’n bolts that moved me successfully from wage slave to freelancer, from my life on the 9-to-5 hamster wheel to a more liberated, flexible life.

I call this collection of tips The Quick Start Guide to Fearless Freelancing.

You can grab yourself a copy at

Take it for a spin and lemme know how it works for you.

I know you’ll love freelancing.

It’s one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever taken.

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How an Itty-Bitty Booklet Changed My Life — 1 Comment

  1. Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased because I’m included in “Fearless Freelancing.” Wally interviewed me and includes a chapter from my book. But I’ve also read through the entire package as a reader and fellow freelancer. It really is terrific. Inspiring. I’ve been freelancing for more than 30 years, yet I still learned stuff from this value-packed bundle of digestible wisdom. Have a look at what I have to say about Wally and Getting Off The Treadmill: