Do Vampires Rule This Sleepy Coastal Village?

Two weeks ago, Deb and I blew past Bolinas. We totally missed it.

We’d finished a hike through Muir Woods, above San Francisco, and thought, heck, let’s drive down the highway to Bolinas.

Bolinas is a quaint coastal community in Marin County. It’s been home to folks like Grace Slick and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, writer Richard Brautigan, and actress Frances McDormand.

Anyway, we drove through Stinson Beach, thought we knew where we were going, and flew right by the turnoff to Bolinas.

That’s not really uncommon, though. Bolinas residents are notorious for tearing down the road signs to their sleepy village.

They don’t like visitors much.

And that pisses off some people.

I saw an online post recently that theorized Bolinas is hiding a “dirty little secret — that it’s a pueblo of vampires, intent on sucking the sustainable organic green-friendly blood right out of your carotid arteries.

“Bolinas is a scary little town,” the writer added. “Full of cranky, miserable, sullen hippies who have been consistent failures for decades.”

Regardless, keeping its existence a Big Secret works for the locals.

But I’m wondering, have you kept your business a Big Secret?

Does your website have plenty of road signs pointing to it?

Or have you hung out your shingle, so to speak, and expected customers and clients to just show up?

“If you build it, they will come” is a lotta bunk.

If you run an online business, you have to create blog posts. You have to produce articles. You have to send emails. You have to “tweet.”

If your business is offline, you need to advertise. You need to mail out flyers. You need to network.

To succeed in any business, you’ve gotta drive traffic in your direction.

There are people out there who’d love to do business with you, just as there are curious people who’d love to find Bolinas.

Just make sure you make it easy for them.

You can learn the ropes to do so PDQ if you click right here.

Don’t get lost!

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