Finally! Business How-To for Anarchists!

You know what drives me bugnutz?

People who say, “If I’d only known then what I know now.”

First of all, if you’d known then what you know now, you’d probably still have ignored all the useful advice, listened to the wrong people, and made the same really stupid mistakes.

And second, if you’d known then what you know now, you’d probably still be saying, “If I’d only known then what I know now.” It’s like one of those crazyass, never-ending Möbius strips.

But — a really big “but” here — if Johnny B. Truant and Lee Stranahan had created their brand spanking new package Question the Rules a year ago, I might have lived with a little less anxiety this past 12 months.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I launched my internet business in April 2009, I had no niche, no business plan, no products, no services, no audience, and no website-building savvy.

I just jumped, started flying by the seat of my pants, and hoped something worked.

And for the most part, things’ve worked out fine. Business is growing and I’m having the time of my life.

Problem is, I worried for the longest time that I’d done it all wrong.

But according to Johnny and Lee and their Question the Rules, by following my instincts and just going for it, I did good all along.

Which makes me think, if I’d bumped into these dudes early on, I could’ve sidestepped a lot of unnecessary angst.

So who are these guys?

Johnny’s, like, the l’enfant terrible of the blogosphere. Lee’s a filmmaker and troublemaker. They both really know their stuff.

The tagline for Question the Rules is “the nonconformist’s punk rock, DIY, nuts-and-bolts guide to creating the business and life you really want, starting with what you already have.”

It may be the first business course ever created explicitly for rebels and anarchists. Which, of course, is right up my alley.

QTR is about…

  • How inspiration precedes a plan, and how to learn to act now and figure out the details later.
  • Why your imagined worst-case scenario — “losing everything” in pursuit of a gutsy goal — isn’t that big of a deal.
  • Why many of the things you’re waiting to do until you’re rich can be done right now.
  • Why going on autopilot is so incredibly easy, and so incredibly detrimental to living the life you want.
  • How to use “triangulation” to meet the people you want (and how to know if you’ve crossed over into stalking).
  • How to form a group of people who are “weird like you.”
  • The incredibly difficult transition from “long-term security thinking” to “just get through today thinking.”

Plus cool stuff about how to start a restaurant for under $1.99 and get 35,000 hits on a YouTube video overnight.

The package contains four modules by Johnny and Lee containing more than eight hours of audio. AND more than 15 hours worth of in-depth, why-to, how-to interviews with notorious business rule-breakers.

And there’s some bonus stuff, too.

I bought Question the Rules earlier this week, and it’s absolutely boffo. I’ve listened to the audios since Tuesday, and I’ll probably listen to them through the weekend and into next week.

Then I’ll listen to them again.

Here’s the link for more info and the opportunity to get hold of Johnny and Lee’s course right now…

Yeah, that’s an affiliate link, so I’ll make a few bucks if you buy. But hell, when all is said and done, you’ll thank me for leading you to these guys.

Up the rebels!

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