Tony Stark’s Ironclad Business Lesson

Sure ’nuff, I stood in line with every other fanboy in my neighborhood this past weekend to see Iron Man 2.


What an awesome kickoff for the summer movie season!

It enjoyed the biggest opening weekend of 2010, and earned more than $327 million worldwide in three days.

And you know what? The movie deserves every dime it makes. Here’s why…

As a sequel — and as part of a much larger Marvel Comics movie franchise — Iron Man 2 delivers on every promise made by its predecessor.

For moviegoers whose only knowledge of the Marvel universe comes from these films, it casts more light on personal struggles, deepens relational conflict, and carefully introduces new characters and future plot points.

And for comic book geeks like me, Iron Man 2 confirms that these moviemakers value the source material and intend to fulfill our longtime dream to see our heroes brought to life properly on the big screen.

I mean, c’mon! Nick Fury, Black Widow, War Machine, plus hints of things to come (“guest appearances” by Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer).

Shock and awe, baby!

It doesn’t get much better’n this.

And naturally there’s a message here for us small biz folk.

Cherish your customers.

Respect your prospects.

Appreciate your vendors.

Just as the people behind Iron Man 2 demonstrated high regard for their target audiences this weekend, do the same for all the people who surround your business.

You don’t want the Hulk to put the hurt on ya, right?

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