How to Take Your First Step in Creating an Online Business (Without Looking Like a Total Nitwit)

Deb and I went to a very très chic shindig last night. Lots of Santa Barbara winemakers were there. My sister and her husband drove up from Camarillo.

I was shoveling down some very tasty rumaki when I realized I wasn’t wearing any pants.

Then I woke up in a cold sweat.

I can’t be the only one who has these crazyass dreams, can I?

Anyway, it reminded me again of what kept me from launching an online business for so long.

You see, I was terrified of humiliating myself in front of family and friends — not to mention tens of millions of strangers on the internet.

I was afraid of “doing it wrong.”

You can relate, right?

Well, I talked with Chris Farrell about this kinda stuff not too long ago.

Chris wrote Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon and runs a successful membership site for getting started in making money on the internet. (It was even voted the No.1 Internet Marketing Service this year by

For about an hour, Chris and I talked about how to take your first step in creating an online business without looking like a total nitwit.

We discussed…

  • The one thing guaranteed to take the pressure off when you launch a new business.
  • How to easily crush that “overwhelmed” feeling.
  • How to catapult from technophobe to internet whiz kid with no muss or fuss.
  • How long it REALLY takes to start making decent moolah online. (Hint: Forget what the damn gurus tell you.)
  • How to bootstrap your internet business for near-zero bucks.
  • How to painlessly create content for your website.
  • PLUS the secret reason Chris dumped his job as a mid-morning radio celebrity in London and moved to L.A. with absolutely nothing to do (until he finally got bored enough to became an internet marketer).

Well, I recorded the chat and cleverly titled it How to Take Your First Step in Creating an Online Business (Without Looking Like a Total Nitwit).

And now you can get a copy of the hour-long audio.

It’s just $14.97. Nice. All that how-to advice, plus Chris’s and my clever banter, for less than I just spent at Applebee’s for a Southwest Jalapeno Burger and two kiwi lemonades.

And the recording doesn’t repeat on you like the burger, although you can listen to it again and again.

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