You Don’t Have to Get BIG… Get Small Instead!

If you visit Victoria, British Columbia — as Deb and I did earlier this month — there are two things just about everybody agrees you gotta do.

The first one is afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel.

Well, we enjoyed afternoon martinis in the Empress Hotel’s Bengal Lounge.

Close enough.

The second “must do” is the famous Butchart Gardens — an enormous mix of floral display gardens, statuary, lakes, waterfalls, and fountains blanketing 55 rural acres a few miles outside Victoria.

OK, we did that one.

And it was breathtaking.

But Butchart Gardens can be overwhelming. I even overheard a visitor say, “There’s almost too much to soak up here.”

The day after our visit to Butchart, our dear friend and host Judy Estrin took us to a second, much smaller garden located right in town.

Abkhazi Garden sits in a residential neighborhood, invisible from the street. Tucked away beyond its hedge is just over an acre of rhododendrons, lawns, heather, Japanese maples, and weeping conifers, all flowing dramatically around rocky slopes. Tiny ponds and pools host Mallard ducks on the property.

It’s small, intimate, tranquil, and absolute magic.

A perfect little piece of heaven.

What struck me when comparing the two gardens was this…

Big is not always better than small.

That especially applies today in business.

As Jason Fried and David Hanson point out in Rework, “Small is not just a stepping stone. Small is a great destination in itself.”

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty damn exciting that to build a highly profitable biz today, you don’t need tens of thousands in seed money, primo real estate, cutting edge equipment, and a crapload of employees.

You just need a marketable idea and a laptop.

Hell, you can even start with just the laptop. Develop the idea as you go.

The next Butchart Gardens may not be in your future, but the next Abkhazi Garden might be.

So if, as Seth Godin’s said, small is the new big, what’s stopping you from getting started? Whatever it is, you can find some help right here.

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