How to REALLY Fight the Recession

Spent part of my morning at Borders.

There was a large table there filled with books about fighting the recession.

Their advice seemed to range from knocking off the lattes, to clipping coupons, to making your own clothes from carpet remnants and paperclips.

Hell, those aren’t strategies for fighting the recession. Those are formulas for “just getting by.”

You fight a recession by making money.

You find out what a few people need (better yet, what they want), create something to satisfy that desire, then sell it for more than it cost you to make it.

Simple, huh?

Sure, it’s harder than I’ve made it sound. But recession or not, streams of money are flowing around out there, and you’ve just gotta stand in the direct path of one of those streams.

Which boils down to focusing on people besides yourself — potential customers — and taking a first step.

THAT’S how you fight the recession.

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How to REALLY Fight the Recession — 2 Comments

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