Can You Say “Hvannadalshnúkur”?

While I was sunk into a sofa drinking martinis last month at the swanky Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, my old pal Bob Howells was clambering over 7,000 feet of glacier to summit Hvannadalshnúkur, the highest peak in Iceland.

OK, so Bob and I have different ideas about vacationing.

For one thing, I’ve got an aversion to freezing my manparts off.

For another, I just won’t climb something I can’t pronounce.

Anywho, you’ll wanna hear a phone conversation we had last Thursday, which you can access for free right here…

Bob & Wally’s Excellent Freelancing Adventures

You might recall that Bob’s a successful freelance travel writer of some 30 years. I’ve freelanced for half that time. And between talking about our recent trips, we packed a lotta good stuff into 40 minutes:

— How you can monetize just about anything you do as a freelancer.

— The power of anticipating the best but preparing for the worst.

— Perfectionism vs. flying by the seat of your pants.

— How to run a multi-component business from your smart-phone.

— Why somebody in their right mind would freakin’ scramble up an icy-assed mountain.

And that’s just the, uh, tip of the iceberg.

Go ahead. Give it a listen. It don’t cost nuttin’. And maybe you’ll even add Hvannadalshnúkur to your “to do” list.

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