Take This iPhone 4 and Shove It

Heard about the problems that 1.7 million early buyers of the iPhone 4 are having?

Seems “the best smart phone in the world” (as Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls it) is a tad glitchy.

Its reception sucks. It dials randomly. It hangs up suddenly. It mutes like a mutha.

Doesn’t bother me, though.

I don’t have an iPhone yet.

You see, I seldom wait in front of the line for anything.

My cell phone looks like a walkie-talkie General Patton woulda used in WW2 fer kryssakes.

And if I hadn’t been swept up grudgingly in the march of progress, I’d be here at Starbucks with a vintage Smith-Corona portable typewriter on my lap.

Here’s the deal. In the marketplace, I live by the “burden of proof” maxim. I need plenty of evidence before I commit to most things.

And as I’ve mentioned before — http://www.wallyconger.com/fearlessfreelancing.html —  so do a whole lot of your prospects and even current customers.

Maybe you should use testimonials in your sales letters.

Or provide more “content” and build more credibility in your niche.

Or develop tighter, more trusting relationships with your audience.

It always pays financially to provide proof.

And it always pays to offer it again and again.

After years building a reputation for reliability, Apple had fans standing in long lines for its iPhone 4. Now a disappointing product has Steve Jobs returning to the “burden of proof” principle to win back customer confidence.

There’s a lesson in Apple’s momentary fall from grace. Don’t miss it.

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