27 Embarrassing Seconds at Comic-Con

I’ve been back a few days now from Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego. And everybody’s asking, “What was the highlight for you?”

Was it the absolute geekout of Marvel Pictures’ onstage presentation of the Avengers cast?

Was it Harrison Ford’s first-ever appearance at the con?

Was it the screening of shocking footage from Dexter’s upcoming fifth season?

No, nah, nope…

For me, the high spot happened at a tiny booth lost among some 5,000 others in the main exhibit hall.

Malcolm McDowell signed autographs.

Malcolm freakin’ McDowell!

Alex from A Clockwork Orange, fer kryssakes!

Real horrorshow!

I’m talkin’ about the guy who portrayed Harry Flashman in Royal Flash, H.G. Wells in Time After Time, and Caligula in one of the worst movies ever.

You know, the dood who played the contemptible Linderman on Heroes.

McDowell is one of the very few cult icons I always hoped I’d meet someday.

So last Saturday for, oh, about 27 seconds, I finally stood before the great actor.

And I was so starstruck, I stammered, hemmed, hawed, and blathered inanities.

But McDowell gave me a malenky smile and said, “You’re very kind.”

How cool is that?

I’d felt like an idiot, but he made it OK.

It made me think of all the times I could’ve offered someone a compliment – but didn’t.

When did you last make a friend or family member — or a customer — feel better with a flattering remark?

It’s not so hard to do. And it sure pays off in building personal, and professional, relationships.

Anyway, if I ever see Malcolm McDowell again, I swear I won’t choke on my yarbles. I’ll say something real zammechat.

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