Worshipping at the Church of Animal Protein

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you might wanna give this blogpost a pass.

I’m gonna talk about Jocko’s Steak House in Nipomo, California.

Or, as we diehard carnivores call it, the Church of Animal Protein.

Jocko’s has been the go-to BBQ spot hereabouts for more than 50 years. Hell, I’ve chomped spareribs there since I was 11, back when you could buy a rack a lot cheaper than the 20 bucks it runs you now.

And last night, I had another extraordinary meal at Jocko’s.

It isn’t a chi-chi place. It’s an effin’ cowboy hangout with make-do curtains, mismatched silverware, and paper placemats with a cartoon steer picking his teeth.

The small Spencer steak is maybe 18 ounces. The small filet is twice the size of my fist.

Jocko’s is really about one thing and one thing only — meat.

LOTS of meat.

People don’t drive 300 miles or more for Jocko’s relish tray.

They don’t wait two hours, even with a reservation, for its green salad, baked potatoes, or garlic bread.

And they sure don’t squeeze into this tightly packed restaurant for its wine menu, which amounts to unnamed reds and whites poured out of a box.

They come for the gigantic steaks, chops, and ribs, all of them grilled to perfection.

Jocko’s does meat better’n any other steak house in the state.

That’s their unique selling point.

So what’s yours?

What makes you, your current business, or your planned business different from the rest of the crowd? What distinguishes you in the marketplace?

If you can’t say it in a single sentence, then you’ve got some work to do.

P.S. You’ll find more info about developing a unique selling point (USP) if you visit www.wallyconger.com/fearlessfreelancing. While you do, I’m gonna grab some Jocko’s leftovers out of the fridge.

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