The Magic of Passion-to-Passion Marketing

Wanna see kids who’re really passionate about what they do? Go to a kart race.

Deb and I attended our first race last weekend to see our 16-year-old friend John run two karts at a track in Santa Maria. Whoa.

John’s been racing since he was nine or ten. But there were five-year-olds out there on Sunday, suited up in abrasion resistant driving overalls, full-face helmets, and gloves. And every one of them could talk your ear off about chassis and engines and transmissions and tires and gearing.

They’re bugnutz about this stuff. A lot of ’em will probably move on to careers in high-speed motor racing.

Pretty darn cool.

And being the mercenary sumbitch I am, I couldn’t help but wonder how to tap into this fanatical market and suck some cash out of it.

But I never will. I just don’t have the passion about kart racing I think I need to connect properly with these folks and maintain an enduring relationship.

And therein lies today’s lesson…

You don’t have to be enthusiastic about the market you’re servicing. But it sure helps.

It adds to the authenticity and credibility of your sales messages.

And it’ll keep you swinging instead of giving up.

I find that people who quit their businesses early usually weren’t excited about their markets in the first place.

So match your passions with the passions of your targeted market.

Both you and your customers will be a lot happier.

I’d love to hear your comments on this subject.

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