Pursuing Plutonic Passions

I’ve loved planetariums since I was a kid.

And since Deb and I are in San Francisco this week, I visited the recently remodeled Morrison Planetarium in Golden Gate Park.

With a 75-foot diameter screen, it’s the world’s largest all-digital planetarium. And Journey to the Stars, which hurtles you through time and space to see supernova explosions and other cosmic high-jinks, is mind-boggling.

I got misty-eyed, though, when narrator Whoopi Goldberg rattled off the planets that make up our solar system.

She didn’t mention Pluto.

But I didn’t really expect her to. After all, four years ago this very month, the 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto from full-blown planet to “dwarf planet.”

Which sucks, since for 76 years, it was our ninth, farthest, smallest, and maybe cutest planet.

I’m not alone in my pissy attitude about the deplaneting of poor Pluto.

Last year, the Illinois Senate adopted a resolution that not only declared that Pluto was “unfairly downgraded” but restored its “full planetary status” as it “passes overhead through Illinois’ night skies.”

You can buy bumper-stickers that read “I Miss Pluto” and “Pluto Will Always Be a Planet in My Book.”

At the gift shop outside the Morrison Planetarium, they sell tee-shirts that say, “Pluto: 1930-2006. Revolve in Peace.”

Former junior space cadets who grew up in an era when Pluto was shown proper galactic respect are raising hell.

You might say the “Pluto problem” has inspired a movement.

Kinda like the Tea Party folks who’ve risen from the GOP.

Or the horned, charging, roaring tribe that’s grown around Scott Alexander’s Rhino Revolution.

I’m chugging away here on my own crusade to smash wage slavery one job at a time.

What about YOU?

What if you gathered, inspired, and then passionately led a tribe of your own?

What would your business look like?

What dreams could you accomplish?

How much better would your life be — not to mention the lives of your followers?

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