Wanna “Choo Choo Ch’boogie”?

I was telling Rachel the barista that two old college pals are coming up from L.A. to visit me for a couple days.

“Their train arrives in Grover Beach tonight at 7:55,” I said.

“The train?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

And suddenly I had a funny flash of myself as Gary Cooper in High Noon, waiting for the train with a trusty revolver strapped to my hip and Grace Kelly cuddled against my shoulder.

Here in California, traveling by train in this day and age isn’t, well, normal. This is the land of freeway interchanges and traffic sigalerts, after all.

But Mike and Chris thought it’d be fun to skip the bumper-to-bumper nightmare on Highway 101 and try “something different.” So I’m expecting their arrival this evening on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner.

And that’s cool.

I’m always rewarded when, like my two buds, I change my usual patterns.

Maybe I take a different route to the hardware store.

Or try a new coffee blend at Starbucks.

Or watch the Discovery Channel instead of Syfy for an hour or two.

And almost without fail, I’m swamped with inspiration, bright ideas, and fresh insights.

That’s what comes when you shake up your routines and do things another way.

When was the last time you changed a habit of yours and freshened up your life, if only for a day or two?

When did you last surprise your customers with “something different”? Your business will blossom if you mix things up once in awhile.

And when was the last time you just questioned the rules, for cryin’ out loud?

Give it a thought.

I’ve got a train to meet.

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