Jobs Are Really Losing Their Sex Appeal

Deb and I first met at work.

I was a writer and editor. She was a customer service rep. And we both worked for the same corporate giant on the 17th floor of a skyscraper in downtown L.A.

Three months, and we were dating.

Two years, and we were married.

It was friggin’ kismet.

But passionate stories like ours may be a thing of the past.

Business Week says office romances are “on the wane.”

“The time-honored institution known as the office romance,” they report, “has survived threats like corporate no-fraternization policies [and] philandering chief executives, [but now] there’s a new legal menace: scorned workers who claim that an office affair fostered an invidious work environment, even if they weren’t actually involved in the romance themselves.”


It’s bad enough that bennies like health insurance, paid vacations, and stock ownership plans are threatened these days.

Now the romantic office liaison — one of the last good excuses for suffering the 9-to-5 treadmill — is getting killed off.

What’s next?

You gonna lose the plastic shrub in your cubicle?

Have to buy your own office supplies?

Will pay toilets be installed in the company rest rooms?

I guess what I’m wondering is…

If you’re still working a traditional J-O-B, what’s your “last straw”?

I’m really interested in hearing from you about this. Add a comment to this post.

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Just a thought.

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