A Balls Out Marketing Secret

Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Not So Daily Ezine showed up Wednesday with a short and snappy subject line…

“Polar Bear Testicles”

I gotta confess.

I just HAD to click open that email.

Real bad.

And that’s the secret of great headlines — whether on emails, webpages, blogposts, print ads, sales letters, or anything else.

They pull you into the message like iron filings to a magnet.

You can’t resist, because they speak to your wants or needs, or make an offer you can’t refuse, or tweak your curiosity (like Dan’s did).

But here’s an important point:

A headline is only as good as its payoff.

If it promises a solution to a problem, your body copy has got to deliver on that promise.

And if it teasingly refers to, say, polar bear tenders, you’d better have a valid reason for it.

Anything less just pisses off your audience.

So since Dan is both a master headline writer and a man of integrity, I knew there’d be a payoff to “Polar Bear Testicles.”

Sure enough, there was.

Turns out that Dan’s email was a warning against thinking “everything is of equal importance” in your business. His example: how CNN had given nearly equal weight to two recent news stories — one about a study of polar bear cojones, the other about kids achieving the worst SAT scores in 31 years.

My tip: when it comes to headlines, you can play tough but you’ve gotta play fair.

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