Wasting Time on Fauxcellarms

Ever heard the word “fauxcellarm”?

Until my friend Ben Settle used it in a blog post last Friday, I hadn’t either.

A fauxcellarm is the false belief that your cell phone is ringing or vibrating when it’s not. Sometimes it takes place when you don’t even have the phone with you.

Ben mentioned that it reminds him of when people who’ve lost a limb feel “phantom pain” where that limb used to be.

Fauxcellarms happen to me all the time.

At least the “phantom vibrations” do.

The “phantom ringing,” not so much. My ring tone is Elvis Costello warbling “(What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding.” Not prone to fauxcellarms.

I feel phantom pains in my business, too.

Those are times when I busy myself with “fixing” things that don’t really need fixing, like rebuilding the contact form on my website. I do it just to avoid working on stuff that really DOES need attention.

It’s often so much easier to focus on phantom pains — little, unimportant things — and put off solving real honest-to-gawd problems.

I fall into that trap more than I care to admit.

What about you?

Are you responding to fauxcellarms in your business? Or are you busy tackling the big, critical challenges?

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