Marketing Superheroes Make a Comeback

OK, you probably already know I’m a sci-fi lovin’, comic book readin’ geek.

And I love me the superheroes.

So I’m reading a novel by Kevin J. Anderson called Enemies & Allies. And it’s about the very first meeting between Batman and Superman.

That’s cool enough, but what makes it really fun is that it’s set during the late 1950s, right smack in the middle of the Cold War.

You know — Sputnik, Nikita Khruschev, Senator Joe McCarthy…

Mix up all that stuff with Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, the old Daily Planet gang, and a plot by Lex Luthor for world domination, and you’ve got a very cool “retro thriller.”

“Retro” is the new “Modern.”

People like to see new spins on the old stuff.

That’s why last year’s re-imagined Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. was such a hit.

And why Hawaii Five-O made a successful “comeback” on TV this season after forty years.

And why “steampunk” is now a roaring sub-category of the science fiction genre.

Same thing on the internet.

When online businesses began sprouting like crazy a decade or so ago, many great direct marketers fell out of favor.

They were seen as, well, “old hat.”

The “new gurus” said their old ideas wouldn’t work in the high-tech world of internet marketing.

But today, internet marketers are dusting off the classic, tried-and-true strategies and tactics of the old-timers and applying them to new businesses.

Great direct marketers like Gary Halbert, John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, Bruce Barton, Claude C. Hopkins, and Robert Collier are now back in fashion.

So my tip for today is that you Google all six of those names and find out what you can about them.

Find their old articles and books and learn from them. You might start with this free eBook edition of a very old treasure…

Scientific Advertising

These ideas, properly applied, are as fresh and profitable today as they were decades ago.

Go on. Give it a shot.

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