Sh*t the Internet Marketing Gurus Say

You as burned out with fake internet marketing “gurus” as I am?

These are the folks who claim they have a handle on the only system you need to quickly make five figures a month — and all the work is done for you! (But their very next email hypes a totally different “guru secret sauce” guaranteed to rake in the big dough.)

They drop names of other so-called gurus and pretend you know who the hell they’re talking about.

They preface every guru name they drop with “my friend” or “my associate” and you know they’ve never met them (or even exchanged emails with them).

They put “Re:” in the subject line of every piece of email, to give their messages that special feel of urgency. (Worse yet, their subject lines read something like “Re: your recent order” or “Re: your affiliate check,” which is thoroughly bogus.)

They often use the very same pre-written emails a zillion others are using to sell affiliate products.

They “validate” their claims with clearly photoshopped bank statements.

They exaggerate their list size.

They overstate their click-through rates.

They embellish their sales numbers.

You know what I mean?

In 26 months of seriously studying and finally taking a crack at internet marketing, I’ve only found a couple teachers who’ve been genuinely helpful.

For that reason, I’m reluctant to call them “gurus.” They’re too authentic and down-to-earth to place on that kind of phony pedestal.

One of ’em is Chris Farrell, who I can truthfully call a colleague. Chris knows his stuff when it comes to launching a viable internet business.

And he does it with no hype. Just the how-to and a big dose of encouragement.

Chris and I spent an hour on the phone not too very long ago, and he offered a few simple steps toward fighting the “overwhelm” and finally getting started on your internet business.

You can find out more about that helpful conversation right here…

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Sh*t the Internet Marketing Gurus Say — 2 Comments

  1. Bob, what so much of this internet marketing huckstering seems to boil down to is:

    1. You can easily make money overnight on the internet.

    2. You can make money on the internet just by “plugging into” the latest, shiniest IM program…and doing no real work yourself. (Kinda like the old mail order “stuffing envelopes” scams.)

    3. You can buy a piece of software that will solve all your IM problems…and make extra cash selling it to others.

    4. Etc., etc.

    It’s all a big fat lie. Fact is, there ARE people making good — even big — money on the internet, but they’re doing it slow and steady, like you would with any offline business.

    Common sense, a few select learned skills, and stick-to-it-tiveness wins the day. As usual.

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