How to Outsmart Brain Fartz

I took a “mental health day” yesterday.

We’re in the middle of refinancing our mortgage, which is like buying your house all over again.

Earlier this week, a WordPress upgrade went batcrap crazy.

Business appointments were canceled last minute, a major irritant.

My broadband internet connection was bugnutz for a day.

And then, of course, the hardcore holidays are upon us…

So I figgered I’d spend a day of rest, relaxation, and mindlessness.

Rather than boot-up the laptop at the Red Dirt Coffee House (my latest “home office”), I spent the morning alternately reading a Jeff Somers cyberpunk novel, meditating quietly (aka “staring blankly into space”), and talking with other friendly caffeine addicts.

Then I was off for a session with my Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

And that was when the universe, worried I might backslide into my normal day-to-day, sent me a little reminder to take it easy.

I’d no sooner pulled into a parking space when a young guy with a crooked smile and battered suitcase approached me.

“Hi there,” he said. “Can you give me a lift to the mental health clinic?”


Synchronicity like that is kinda spooky.

But it DID cue me to stay the course on my day of R&R.

Days like yesterday are vital. They let you wind down a bit. They give you time to reflect and reassess.

And they help you perform better in the busy days ahead.

Think for a minute. Are you due for a mental health day?

If you think you are, by all means, go for it now.

Because the next few holiday-festooned weeks are probably gonna be a bitch.

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