My Life as a Trembling Corporate Cog

Yaro Starak over at made a neat observation last week.

“Taking a job,” he wrote, “is a lot like becoming part of a religion. Relinquishing control to a higher power takes away some of the responsibility for your decisions. Being told what to do and toeing the line is much easier than making decisions for yourself and coping with the outcomes. …

“This is why employment will always be less scary than entrepreneurship.”

I like Yaro’s comparison of jobs to religion. But I don’t agree that employment is always less scary than running your own business.

I was in a state of ongoing terror when I lived as a cog in the corporate machine.

For instance, I’d overhear a chilling rumor at the photocopier about a new round of layoffs.

A simple remark by a friend at lunch would trigger fears we were probable victims of a hostile takeover. Or that we’d be relocated from L.A. to Midland, Texas before Christmas.

During my corporate years, panic was a daily event.

On the other hand, when mass layoffs finally caught up with me and I went solo, things didn’t get easier, but they weren’t all that scary.

Rather, my life became more liberated, exciting, and rewarding.

And yours can, too.

These days, all you need is a marketable idea and a laptop computer.

The hardest part is just getting started.

And even that doesn’t have to be hard.

Oh, by the way — you don’t necessarily have to quit your job right away, either.

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